October 18, 2022


Ukraine grain shipments in October close to same period in 2021



Data from Ukraine's Agriculture Ministry showed grain shipments in the first 17 days of October 2022 were only 2.4% lower compared to the same period last year, even though several seaports have shut down and the country remains in conflict with Russia, Reuters reported.


Since February, the nation's grain exports have decreased as a result of the war's closure of Ukraine's Black Sea ports, which has increased food prices globally and raised concerns about shortages in Africa and the Middle East.


A deal between Moscow and Kyiv, mediated by the UN and Turkey, resulted in the opening of three Black Sea ports at the end of July.


Ministry data showed Ukraine has so far exported 2.12 million tonnes of grain, primarily corn and wheat, compared to 2.17 million tonnes during the same period in October 2021.


The data also revealed that Ukraine has so far exported 10.8 million tonnes of grain during the July–June 2022–23 season, as opposed to 16.5 million during the same period in 2021–2022.


3.99 million tonnes of wheat, 5.88 million tonnes of corn, and 896,000 tonnes of barley make up the volume for this season.


-      Reuters

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