October 18, 2021


South Korea ends suspension of importing pork from Belgium



South Korea has opened its doors to pork from Belgium following a three-year suspension.


When African swine fever (ASF) was diagnosed in wild boars in the southernmost part of Belgium in September 2018, South Korea joined other countries to close their borders to Belgian pork.


At the end of December 2020, Belgium regained its ASF-free status.


Today, Belgium exports two-thirds of its pork production, the majority of which is exported to countries within the European Union. This makes it the seventh largest exporter of pork worldwide.


In total, Belgium's pork exports outside the EU in 2017 (before the ASF outbreak) were worth €145 million (US$168 million). South Korea was one of the most important export markets for Belgian pork outside Europe, with about 23% of all Spanish exports outside the EU going to South Korea. Belgium accounted for 3% of all pork imported into the country before the import ban was announced.


Belgium has seen markets for certain pork products reopen in South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia and India.


- Vilt (Belgium)

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