October 18, 2021


Brazil confirms nine cases of classical swine fever



The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has received a new notification from Brazil regarding nine new cases of classical swine fever (CSF) in northern Ceará.


According to the report released by OIE, the nine animals diagnosed with the disease were on a small property. Of the nine animals, eight died and one animal was slaughtered.


The source of the event or origin of the infection is still unknown. Investigations are still in progress to identify the origin and epidemiological links.


Measures to contain the disease will be implemented with culling of existing animals on affected farm and contacts within the same epidemiological unit.


Ceará is not part of the CSF-free zone in Brazil and there are movement restrictions on animals and products between this zone and the free zone.


Brazil's disease-free zone comprises 15 states as well as the Federal District. The CSF-free region concentrates more than 95% of the Brazilian swine industry and has not reported any cases since January 1998.



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