October 17, 2023


Malaysia to source chicken and eggs from Thailand in case of shortfall




Malaysia is ready to buy chicken and egg stocks from Thailand to prevent any increase of prices in both food items should there be insufficient supply in the country.


Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he acknowledged there were concerns about the local supply of chicken and eggs which could experience a price hike and affect consumers.


"The approach that the government takes is to see if the current market prices are lower than the ceiling price, which is what is happening now; (and) when the market price is even lower in places such as Thailand, then that is when we float the prices," Anwar said during a Prime Minister's Question time on October 17. "However, the Agriculture and Food Security Ministry has ensured it has 30% of the chicken and egg supply. If there is indeed a shortage, the government will add to the stocks and we are ready to buy from Thailand to prevent the prices from rising.


"This is the assurance that we can provide and we are doing this now because the supply is abundant now and because of the low market prices."


Anwar said this in response to Datuk Rosol Wahid (PN-Hulu Terengganu) on the government's guarantee that the move to float the price of chicken and eggs will not burden the people who are already dealing with the high cost of living.


Meanwhile, he added that the government would also ensure stricter enforcement is imposed towards traders who take advantage of ceiling prices for chicken and eggs in the country.


Anwar said since 2022, the government has spent about RM3.7 billion (US$782 million) subsidising chicken and eggs to help both local and foreign consumers residing in Malaysia.


- New Straits Times

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