October 17, 2022


Mexico in industry-government effort to create meat traceability systems



Mexico's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is working with the country's pork and poultry industries to design traceability systems that make possible to know the origin, transit and final destination of a meat.


The system would provide added value to the Mexican livestock industry, as it would complement the epidemiological surveillance actions carried out by official veterinarians and producers, for the direct benefit of consumers and Mexico's trading partners.


The main challenge for Mexican technicians is to extend the certifications in good practices to a larger number of producers. This move has the benefit of guaranteeing the absence of pathogens such as salmonella and Cyclospora, thus maintaining the eligibility for the most competitive internal and external markets.


Through compliance with sanitary measures and the adoption of good practices, the industry seeks to expand the domestic market and diversify the external market, mainly to the Middle East, the European Union and main Asian markets, such as China, Japan and South Korea.

- Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Mexico)

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