October 16, 2003



US' Genetics Company Develops Vaccine for Chronic Wasting Disease


GeneThera, Inc. in the United States announced on October 14 that development of a vaccine for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is underway.


This vaccine works in conjunction with GeneThera's live blood test for CWD. GeneThera will be able to detect the efficacy of their vaccine within a short period of time utilizing their genetic testing method.


Because of the genetic nature of this vaccine and test, GeneThera will be able to speed up the process of clinical trials immensely.


Traditional vaccines inoculate a strain of the virus which is injected into the host. 6-8 weeks later an immunoresponse is triggered and the effectiveness of the vaccine is measured.


In contrast, GeneThera's vaccine works on a genetic level. A highly purified strand of coded RNA is injected into the host and is transported to the genetic mechanism responsible for the disease. Once here, the RNA strand attaches itself to the corresponding code in the gene and prevents the virus from replicating and in turn the animal will not show signs of the disease.


Dr. Antonio Milici, CEO of GeneThera, Inc., stated, "This is the first of many therapeutic vaccines using our PURIVAX(TM) technology that we are developing at GeneThera." He added, "In the coming months, we hope to move into clinical trials and begin testing our vaccine on elk and deer."


PURIVAX(TM) is a method by which the vaccines are purified so that they do not harm the recipients. This system of purification prevents any side effects that might be involved with the injections of the vaccines. This is extremely important, since earlier attempts with therapeutic vaccines actually harm the animal instead of curing it.
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