October 15, 2003



Impasse On Mexican Pork Export to Japan

Japan is exploring trade arrangements with the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan, but only has sealed one, with Singapore. Mexico hopes a trade pact with Japan can boost its economy, which is forecast to grow by some 2% this year.


Japan is unwilling to budge on pork, fearing cheaper Mexican exports will hit homegrown pig farmers, according to Japanese media. Mexico has demanded a six-fold export growth on pork export.


Japan' exports of machinery, steel and automobile parts to Mexico totaled US$3.768 billion in 2002. Mexico shipped US$1.791 billion worth of products, including roughly 40,000 metric tons of pork worth an estimated US$179 million.


The two leaders of the countries are expected to adopt a joint declaration aimed at strengthening overall bilateral ties and cooperation in global issues, a Japanese ministry official said.
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