October 15, 2003



New Zealand Beat 39 Competing Countries, Won Egg Marketing Campaign


New Zealand scrambled the efforts of 39 competing countries when it took the top award at the 2003 Annual International Egg Commission (IEC) Conference, held in Chile, earlier this month.


The prestigious Golden Egg Award was presented to Peter High, Executive Officer of Eggs Inc., for NZ's 'Egg A Day - OK' generic campaign.


Says Peter High: "This is a massive coup for New Zealand. This award is presented to the IEC country considered by the IEC's Marketing Committee to have contributed most to improved egg marketing techniques, publicity, sales and promotion in their respective country. This shows that our Egg a Day campaign really is world class."

Some of the highlights from the campaign include the use of the Egg a Day Balloon at high profile events around the country, sponsorship of the Life Education Trust and tactical use of billboards. In addition, development of the Eggs Inc website (www.eggs.org.nz), donations of eggs to various cooking events such as the Savour New Zealand Masterclass, being a major sponsor of and Official Protein Supplier to New Zealand's Commonwealth Games Team were also brilliant ideas.


"Over the last few years Eggs Inc. has made huge headway with its strategy to reverse negative perceptions and debunk the urban myth of limiting your egg intake to two a week," says Mr High.


"Eggs Inc.'s campaign, 'An Egg A Day - OK', has increased egg consumption across all categories in New Zealand, and eggs are regaining their rightful place on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus."


"We are in fact one of the few countries in the world with an increase in egg consumption!"

Recent AC Nielsen research supports Mr High's claim that Kiwi consumers have realised that eggs are nutrition in a shell; comprising of benefits such as high in food value, low in cost, and safe and delicious to eat.


"International scientific research has repeatedly shown that moderate egg consumption-up to one a day-does not increase heart disease risk in healthy individuals. An egg a day is indeed ok," he says.


Winning the coveted Golden Egg Award brings global awareness to promotional programmes considered by the international egg community to be the best in the world.


Notes of Interest


* Latest research by AC Nielsen Panorama, dated July 2003, reveals a significant shift in attitudes of household shoppers who purchase eggs. Half of the 12,000 household shoppers surveyed are now moderate egg users eating one to one and a half dozen per week; 25% are now heavy users - more than one and a half dozen per week (this category has grown by more than 22.8% in 12 months); and light users have experienced a 6% growth in that category. The total volume of eggs consumed in New Zealand increased from 26.518-27.366 million eggs in year 2002-03.