October 14, 2013


Bayer CropScience announces new global soy brand

Bayer CropScience announced the name of its new global soy brand, Credenz, during its annual press conference in September.


CEO Liam Condon outlined several key areas for the company, including the challenge of resistant weeds, a concentration on seeds and traits, a new focus on biological controls, continued work to discover and bring to market crop-protection compounds, and enhanced services for dealers and customers.


"We are continuing to invest in our soy business, for example through strategic acquisitions in Latin America, contributing to a fast and focused development of distinctive traits," explained Condon, who highlighted the soy cyst nematode trait currently under development at Bayer CropScience.


The planned launch of the global Bayer CropScience soy brand Credenz for late 2014 in North and South America was also announced by Condon. "Credenz soy seeds will help us to deliver improved varieties to growers.


"It will offer future traits that could protect soy against specific insects, repel persistent attacks by nematodes, and make soy tolerant to the most effective herbicides," said Condon. The company intends to significantly expand today's soy-related sales within the next decade.

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