October 14, 2004



Ukraine Exported 3.65 Million MT 2004 Grain To October 11
Ukraine exported 3.65 million metric tons of grain between the beginning of the current marketing year July 1 and Oct. 11, according to a statement released in Kiev Wednesday by the state customs committee.
The exports included 1.3 million tons of wheat, 2.2 million tons of barley, 140,500 tons of corn, 9,000 tons of rye and 1,300 tons of oats.
The agriculture ministry expects to export nine million tons of grain in the current season.
In the previous season Ukraine's exports fell to around 2.8 million tons, as bad weather reduced the harvest to just over 20 million tons from near 40 million the year before.
The agriculture ministry expects the 2004 grain harvest at about 36 million tons.