October 14, 2003



UK New Study On Rise in Pig Infertility


In UK, collaboration between the Veterinary Laboratories Agency and Royal Veterinary College undertakes, will involve 20 farms being nominated by their veterinary surgeon as fulfilling certain criteria that are detailed in the Veterinary record.


A DEFRA funded study has recently been highlighted in the Veterinary Record Issue on October 4. This follows concerns of pig veterinary consultants that last autumn there was a rise in pig infertility, more severe than the usual expected seasonal infertility, which could not be explained by standard investigations.

A preliminary survey of pig vets in the UK was carried out in early Spring and results of this showed that, if a new syndrome existed, it was more likely to be in England/Wales, but not in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Their own vet who will fill out a questionnaire and take blood samples to test for infectious diseases will visit the farms.

Breeders who feel they have a significant (15%) reduction in infertility should contact their veterinary surgeon, whom can then determine if they fulfil criteria for inclusion in this study.
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