October 14, 2003



Heilongjiang's Organic Soybean in Japanese Favor


Five Japanese traders conducted an inspection at Mingshan Farm of Heilongjiang Province, after which placed an order of 10,000 tons of organic soybean produced there.


The acreage of these soybeans is 63,800 mu which is waiting for harvest. Mingshan Farm has been supplying organic soybean to Japan for consecutive 5 years. It started planting organic soybean since 1999 in accordance with Japanese demand of soybeans.


Till 2002, the annual export is about 7,000 Mt with sharp increasing trade value. The brand 'Mingshan Soybean' has been registered and has obtained the utilization right of Green Food. 22,500 mu has been confirmed as green food base. It is forecasted that the yield may reach more than 165 kg of soybeans per mu.


* 1 mu = 0.165 acre

* "mu" is Chinese measurement unit for area
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