October 14, 2003



Follow-Up Report on Argentina Foot and Mouth Virus


Below is a brief follow-up report dated October 10 on the diagnosis of animals infected with the foot and mouth disease in Argentina.


There are no active foot and mouth disease outbreaks in the country and there are no suspected outbreaks under investigation, since May 31 2002.


Strategic vaccination continues and movement control (except for immediate local slaughter) and biosecurity measures remain in force.


A new zoning strategy has been established. This includes General San Martin and Rivadavia departments (north strip) in Salta Province and Ramon Lista, Matacos and Bermejo departments in Formosa province. In this zone (zone A), intensive strategic sanitary measures have been taken: ban on animal movement (except for immediate local slaughter), ban on entering the zone and blockade for export.


Outside zone A, a surveillance zone (zone B) has been established comprising the neighbouring departments of Santa Victoria, Oran, Iruya and Rivadavia (south strip) in Salta province, Almirante Brown in Chaco province and Patino in Formosa province. In these departments the vaccination campaign will be brought forward and official movement controls and epidemiological surveillance will be set up.
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