October 13, 2022


Argentina's government to meet wheat industry over crop issues



Argentina's government is expected to meet with wheat millers and exporters over this year's crop size following a severe drought in the country, Reuters reported.


After significant reductions in production forecasts, domestic millers are concerned about a shortage of wheat. A spokesperson for the agriculture secretariat said they will examine the issues millers raise there.


When asked about the meeting and whether any potential additional export restrictions might be implemented to safeguard domestic supply, the spokesperson said nothing is confirmed.


When asked if there might be tighter limits on wheat exports, a spokesperson for Argentina's economy ministry, which is above the agricultural secretariat said that is not how it is.


A source from the wheat milling sector said that the agricultural secretariat had called him for a meeting but provided no other information.


A meeting would be held "in the coming days," according to a different source at the nation's CIARA-CEC grains exporting chamber, to discuss concerns about the effects of the drought and worries among wheat millers about a shortage of grains for the domestic market.


The important Rosario grains exchange has reduced Argentina's anticipated 2022–2023 wheat harvest to 16.5 million tonnes, which would be the lowest in seven years and far below the bumper 23 million tonnes in 2021–2022. Argentina is a major wheat exporter.


According to official data, the nation's farmers have already formally declared 8.85 million tonnes of wheat will be exported in 2022–2023. The current season's wheat harvest export limit is 10 million tonnes.


-      Reuters

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