October 13, 2022

China Lysine: Market stays firm amid high soymeal costs (week ended Oct 10, 2022)

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Despite limited sales after the long holidays, lysine producers stood firm on prices. Usages of lysine remained high with the costs of soymeal at record high levels.


Transacted prices of 98.5-percent lysine in China were firm the range of RMB8.73-9.50/kg while those of 70-percent lysine were in the range of RMB5.96-6.50/kg.


Export prices of 70-percent lysine softened to US$0.84/kg while those of 98.5-percent varieties dipped to US$1.27/kg.


High soymeal prices will continue to lend support to the lysine market. Moreover, with renminbi depreciating sharply export demand for China lysine is expected to expand.



Full version of the report with complete data is available at: https://spoutinfo.com/market-forecast-detail/29/32/327/4429


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