October 13,  2020


New milk with 'naturally occurring' Omega-3 to be launched in Victoria, Australia


A new milk product -- that is sourced from cows fed a diet of pasture-based supplements with additional feed that provides Omega-3 -- will be sold in Coles supermarkets in Victoria, Australia.

Remarkable Milk Company's O3 Milk comes from northern Victorian dairy farms, specifically from the town of Kyabram. The product is the first Australian milk to claim that its Omega-3 content is naturally occurring due to the diets of its cows.

"This is a great opportunity for our Geelong facility and the team to be responsible for an industry leading product being launched into the Victorian market before its national expansion in the months to come," said Remarkable Milk Company chief executive officer Alastair McCredden said.

O3 Milk will be available in Coles Supermarkets throughout Victoria on October 16 and will be available nationwide in the coming months.

- Dairy News Australia

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