October 13,  2020


Avivagen receives new orders, joins industry associations in Mexico


Avivagen Inc. has announced this month multiple introductory purchase orders for its OxC-betaTM Livestock with new clients in Mexico.

Along with the new orders, Avivagen has also announced that it has joined Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Alimentos Para Consumo Animal. S.C (ANFACA) and Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Alimentos, A.C. (AMEPA) in Mexico, following a strategic plan developed with Meyenberg International Group., a consulting company with offices in  Guadalajara and Mexico City, specialising on helping companies to expand globally.

Avivagen has secured purchase agreements with two new customers in Mexico, each for an introductory order of 50kg. The orders have been secured with:

- Forrajes Tesistan, a member of ANFACA and the owner of numerous swine farms and a commercial feed mill;

- Prolea, a large member of AMEPA and owner/manager of a number of dairy, poultry and swine farms in Northern Mexico. Prolea also owns and operates a commercial feed mill.

"We are very excited to expand the reach of OxC-betaTM Livestock in Mexico through these new client agreements and important alignments with ANFACA and AMEPA," said Kym Anthony, CEO of Avivagen Inc.

"We are optimistic that, as we have seen with other established customers like UNAHCO (based in the Philippines), and recently with Industrias Melder (based in Mexico), these introductory orders will lead to additional and larger orders from these customers. We are excited to begin establishing what we hope will be long-standing relationships with Tesistan and Prolea."

ANFACA and AMEPA represent two of the most important and influential livestock feed and dairy production associations in Mexico, further extending the reach of OxC-betaTM Livestock in the important and growing feed production region. Each organisation will offer OxC-betaTM Livestock to its members as well as conduct new trials for further usage in the region.

"As one of the fastest growing feed production markets worldwide, Mexico presents a significant ongoing opportunity for Avivagen," said Anthony. "As the trusted and established voices of the feed and dairy industries across Northern Mexico, we anticipate that our memberships with ANFACA and AMEPA will enable us to broaden and deepen our customer base and greatly extend the reach and usage of our proprietary and industry-leading alternative to antibiotics to a much wider market throughout the country."


Guadalajara-based ANFACA is an important livestock producer and supplier association consisting of member-companies in the Jalisco region of Mexico, the country's leading agriculture production state.

The association's membership base includes poultry, swine and dairy producers. Mexico-City-based AMEPA is an influential Mexico City-based feed millers association representing member companies including Gramosa and large dairy operators in Northern Mexico.

- Avivagen

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