October 13, 2015


Phosphagenics begins feed efficiency trials on pigs




Australian drug delivery company, Phosphagenics Limited, has begun the first of its feed efficiency trials utilising its proprietary ingredient, TPM®.


The trial will assess TPM® as a feed additive for weaner (young) pigs, measuring live weight gain and feed efficiency amongst other key production endpoints.


The study, which is conducted at a commercial pig integrator in Australia, will use a large number of weaner pigs. 


It will assess benefits of a range of TPM® dose treatments and will compare the effects to groups receiving standard Vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate) in low to high doses in "standard" rations.


Data generated from this trial will be used to inform further trials and provide information necessary to assist prospective commercial partners in assessing the value of TPM® and its potential applications in livestock.


"We believe that TPM® has applications well beyond simply the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E," said Dr Roksan Libinaki, the general manager of Phosphagenics' Animal Health and Nutrition Business.


Weaner pigs are an ideal model to assess these potential effects as they routinely experience significant metabolic stresses which can be costly to the industry.


The study programme has been designed with assistance from international animal health and nutrition experts.


While this current trial involves pigs, Phosphagenics believes resulting data will be indicative for multiple species.


Studies are already being planned for 2016 to investigate similar endpoints in a number of different species.


"It is very pleasing to be able to announce the start of this significant trial so soon after the creation of the Business unit," said the CEO of the company, Dr Ross Murdoch. "This is a significant milestone for Phosphagenics and emphasises our commitment to unlock shareholder value in the short term."


The study is the first of a number of near-term trials Phosphagenics is planning to initiate in animal health and nutrition research over the next 12 months.


Results for the primary live weight gain and feed efficiency endpoints are expected to be revealed before the end of the year.


The study will be followed by a programme on older grower / finisher pigs.

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