October 13, 2010


AgriMarine expands market reach in China



AgriMarine Holdings, a leader in floating closed containment technology and production for sustainable aquaculture, reports on recent activity at its fresh water closed containment fish rearing facility in Benxi, China.


Assembly work on the third tank at the Benxi farm is nearing completion following the commencement of the harvest of the company's first crop. Tank 4 is being prepared and will be manufactured during the month of October with assembly taking place in early November. Utilising a new design, pump efficiency will improve to 80-90% and significantly reduce electricity costs, which are already less than 8% of production costs in China.


The company has also successfully procured a license to sell fish which is no longer limited to major cities in China but throughout the entire nation.


In addition, as part of the continued re-development and modernization of the Benxi hatchery, a new incubation cell was procured employing North American technology.


"This critical part of our hatchery will now be ready to receive and hatch all of the eggs required for our rapidly growing business plans", commented Sean Wilton, President of Benxi AgriMarine. "Our rearing schedule will now include future crops of Coho salmon with ova under cultivation."

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