October 13, 2006


EU hauls UK to court for contaminated milk


The European Commission said it will start infringement proceedings against the UK for not taking 'satisfactory action' against a dairy company which sold contaminated milk and cheese products.


The commission has decided to initiate infringement proceedings against the UK due to its failure to rectify food safety problems in a UK dairy, said Philip Tod, EU spokesman for health and consumer protection.


In the Commission's opinion, the UK government did not fulfill its obligation to enforce EU rules, he added. The government continued to put consumer safety at risk despite being aware of the problems that the EU's Food and Veterinary Office found in Bowland Dairy, he added.


Dairy products from UK's Bowland Dairy were banned after contaminants and antibiotics were found in cheese from the dairy.


The EU has promised an inspection of the entire UK dairy sector for November.


UK food safety officials said they have not found any inconsistencies in the country's dairy products while the owner of the dairy maintains he is an innocent victim of a tussle between UK and EU food safety authorities.


The dairy had recently won a case against the Commission in the European Court of First Instance over antibiotics residues in its milk and the Commission was told to withdraw a food alert warning that Bowland produce was unsafe.