October 13, 2003



Pakistan Fishmeal Industry Demand On-Time Health Certificates


Major exporters of fishmeal in Pakistan have complained of facing harassment by the Marine Fisheries Department (MFD) in getting certificates of health for exporting their goods to the international markets.

They appealed to the government to direct the department to issue them certificates in time. Otherwise, they feared, fishmeal markets would slip out of Pakistan's hands.

According to a letter issued by the fisheries department, it has been decided by the department that no certificate of quality and origin would be issued for export of steamed dry crushed fish, dried fish waste from this department till further order.

The letter further says that the decision was taken following the complaint received from Japan, which has rejected 3 successive consignments of Pakistani fish during the last 4 months on the plea that the consignments contained below standard and low quality fishmeal.

Every consignment of this product from Pakistan has to carry a certificate from the MFD, Karachi certifying that the consignment contains 100% fish and is produced on a processing plant dedicated only to fishmeal production.

An exporter of fishmeal, Amirali Charania of Reliable Industries said that he had applied for certificate for shipment of his products to Korea, a country so far made no complaint, but even after a lapse of two months the department has not issued the required NOC.

According to another leading exporter of fishmeal, despite their repeated demand from the government to investigate the case of the 3 rejected consignments by Japanese authorities, no action has been taken by the authorities concerned. Instead the department has stopped issuing certificates for exporting to countries other than Japan.

Fishmeal is one of the main items of Pakistan's export to Japan, Korea and some other countries.