October 12, 2021


Perdue Farms operation in North Carolina, US, certified for fully diverting waste


Perdue Farms announced in late September that its foods-producing plant in Lewiston, North Carolina, the United States, has earned a GreenCircle Zero-Waste-To Landfill certification for the second straight year.


The Lewiston operation has diverted 100% of its waste — nearly 19 million pounds — from landfill in two years since becoming the first US poultry company to earn the certification in 2020.


"The recertification of our Lewiston operation reflects our company vision to be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products and our commitment to being good stewards of our resources," said Kyle Bolin, senior vice president of live production and operations at Perdue. "We're working to expand our zero waste to landfill efforts to other operations. Our progress to reduce our environmental impact in our operations represents another example of our company's holistic approach to responsible and sustainable practices."


The company' operation in Petaluma, California, recently became the second Perdue Farms facility to earn GreenCircle Zero Waste To Landfill certification having diverted more than nine million pounds of waste from landfills.


GreenCircle completed extensive audits and assessments at the Lewiston and Petaluma operations, including an audit of all waste streams, inspection of all waste receptacles and assessment of all third-party waste management companies to confirm management methods and diversion rates.


Every aspect of the operations' waste was assessed, including the personal protective equipment worn by associates, the process used to minimise contamination of the cardboard recycling stream, and the composting of cardboard, paper and feathers, as a few examples.


In 2018, Perdue Farms established aggressive five-year environmental sustainability goals, including improving its solid waste diversion from landfills by 90% by 2023. Today, the company has diverted more than 94% of solid waste from landfills.


"Perdue's pursuit of their waste diversion goals demonstrates that transparency and continuous improvement are essential to the way they do business," said Tad Radzinski, certification officer at GreenCircle. "Our Zero Waste To Landfill certification is very difficult to achieve because it requires 100% of waste to be diverted from landfill. The goal of our certification is to help companies understand where they are with waste minimisation and zero-waste programmes. That information enables them to minimise waste, manage materials to reduce their environmental impact and achieve their environmental stewardship goals."


- Perdue

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