October 12, 2021


Russia's pork production expected to exceed 5.5 million tonnes in 2021



Russia will see positive trends for its pork production this year, with output expected to exceed 5.5 million tonnes, according to the country's Ministry of Agriculture.


During a recent meeting with ministry and industry representatives, Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev revealed that the current situation for pork production is generally positive.


There is an increase in prices on the market, primarily due to an increase in the cost of production, particularly in feed costs. A number of decisions were made to level out the rise in feed costs.


Customs duties have been introduced on the export of major grain and oil crops. There has been subsidised transportation of soybean meal from the Far East, Siberia and Kaliningrad to the central regions of Russia. The list of short-term lending areas is supplemented by the purchase of feed and its components.


Additionally, preferential investment loans for enterprises affected by African swine fever in 2020 and subsequent years have been prolonged. These measures taken allowed the situation to stabilise and producer price adjustment was observed in the summer period.


Processors at the meeting expressed concern over the current price dynamics and suggested considering the possibility of introducing a quota for duty-free import of pork. However, representatives from industry unions and key pig producers didn't find this necessary and expressed confidence in the prompt stabilisation of prices due to the seasonal factor.


The issue of serious disease outbreaks in a number of regions in Russia was also considered. The Russian Ministry of Agriculture and veterinary authorities are working closely with regional authorities to control the situation and are employing a clear regulatory system that includes regionalisation, compartmentalisation, rules for keeping pigs and controlling their diseases, along with electronic records of the movement of animals and products.


Following the results of the meeting, Patrushev ordered an action plan to be prepared aimed at stabilisation of the situation in the pork industry.


- Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

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