October 12, 2006


Ukraine's grain export to be over 10 million tonnes



Ukraine's export of grains might be over 10 million tonnes this marketing year, reported Agriculture Ministry.


Ukraine may export over 10 million tonnes of grain this marketing year, with 3.4 million tonnes already been exported by Sep 28. This is 3 million tonnes short of  the ministry's earlier estimation of 13 milion tonnes.


The country's exports last marketing year were 13.2 million tonnes.  Reports from  the ministry forecasted  Ukraine's total grain harvest in the current year would be 35.3 million tonnes while that for wheat would be 14.4 million tonnes.


Ukraine is increasing its export quotas for grains.


The revised quota for Ukraine export of grain included 40,000 tonnes for wheat, 600,000 tonnes for barley, 150,000 tonnes for corn and 3,000 tonnes for rye, according to the information received by APK-Inform from the Cabinet of Ministers.


The 150,000 tonnes allowed for corn  was 50 percent higher than the past export quota at 100,000 tonnes.