October 10, 2022


Latin American Summit for Fisheries and Aquaculture Sustainability to happen on October 12-14 in Puerto Varas, Chile


The Latin American Summit for Fisheries and Aquaculture Sustainability will take place on October 12-14 in Puerto Varas, Chile.


The summit is organised by the Mexican Council for the Promotion of Fishery and Aquaculture Products (COMEPESCA) and the National Fisheries Society of Chile (SONAPESCA), the country's largest fishing guild.


This programme for this year's event will focus on the importance of sustainability, innovation, and food security in Latin America's fisheries and aquaculture industries. By bringing together experts in the field to share experiences, information, action plans and future commitments, the summit organisers hope to grow and consolidate the sustainable seafood movement in Latin America.


"The summit is the ideal space to bring together the fishing and aquaculture sectors, certification bodies, NGOs, governments and other actors related to this activity in Latin America to form alliances and promote fair and equitable development towards sustainability," Pesca con Futuro president Citlali Gómez said. "This is an opportunity to join forces and practice fishing with a future that will maintain health of the species, balance in aquatic populations and ensure the availability of products from the sea and inland waters for future generations."


Previous editions of the summit took place in Mexico in 2019 and Peru in 2020. This year's event will bring together a similar mix of small-scale fishermen, industrialists, fish farmers and aquaculture food producers, government representatives, international fisheries management organizations and representatives of supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and civil society organisations.


"For several years, we have been working on a sustainable agenda for the development of fishing and aquaculture, not only in Chile but also in Latin America," SONAPESCA president Osciel Velásquez said. "It is important to show all the attending delegations, the authorities and civil society all the work we are developing with new Chilean fishing techniques, which are more sustainable, technological and nutritious."

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