October 10, 2013


Russia may ban poultry imports from Brazil on chlorine use


Russia's Federal Veterinary and Phyto-Sanitary Oversight Service might ban imports of poultry meat from Brazil if inspectors find that Brazilian producers use chlorine solutions to process carcasses.


"We want to warn our Brazilian colleagues: if the use of chlorine in processing of poultry meat is confirmed, we will be forced to shut down its shipment to Russia," the head of the watchdog, Sergei Dankvert said, recalling that the use of chlorine solutions in poultry production is banned in Russia.


"And we are deeply concerned by the surprise of Brazilian specialists who claimed they thought that this measure applies only to suppliers from the US," Dankvert said. It therefore turns out that Brazil's veterinary service provided guarantees of safety, but did not check for the use of chlorine, he said.


Dankvert added that the scheduled inspections of Brazilian poultry suppliers on October 20 will probably happen a little later, and if the Russian inspectors have enough time, they will also inspect pork and beef suppliers.

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