October 10, 2003



Necessary Restoration of Image of Britain Poultry Industry


Market analysts reported that Britain's poultry industry could become a niche market for home producers unless drastic action is taken now.


This would involve in-depth analysis of shortcomings in the home market and a high-profile marketing campaign to restore the image of UK production.


David Salkeld, the new chief executive of the Grampian Country Food Group, said the first thing industry leaders should do was visit leading retailers to find out how boring shelf presentations were of poultry products compared with other food products. Too much was tied to price promotions, such as "buy one get one free".


He continued: "The whole market is tied to deals which may be attractive to consumers but failed to do anything for the industry," he said.


Against an average of around 25-30% of the grocery market related to price, up to 70% of the chicken market was price dependent and this was increasing, he pointed out. Producers had to build in new industry targets, such as the rising demand for the "grey power" market and other value added sectors that has already been exploited by fast food producers such as the Colonel Saunders KFC products.


Britain produced some of the best chicken in the world but had no appreciation of the concept of branding or added value which could add up to 100% price differential, such as market leaders in other sectors like confectionery had achieved.
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