October 9, 2018

AB Vista: New research explores 'triple benefit' of phytase for tilapia producers


Two new studies to be presented by AB Vista at this month's Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture (LACQUA) Congress demonstrate that phytase offers tilapia producers a threefold benefit, thus affecting performance, profitability and sustainability


The trials, conducted in partnership with the Federal University of Parana in Brazil, showed that the addition of 2,000 FTU/kg of Quantum Blue phytase to tilapia diets resulted in improvements across nutrient digestibility and retention, as well as mineral status and feed conversion rates.


The studies also indicated that such performance benefits impacted positively on feed costs and environmental welfare - which, as Alexandre Barbosa de Brito, AB Vista's LAM technical manager explained, is of significant interest to producers.


"Strategies for reducing feed costs - which can account for 60% of total production expenditure - and minimising ecological damage are becoming increasingly important in the fish industry. The effect of phytase represents benefits for both: the improved mineral status spares 0.25% of available phosphorus, reducing production costs, whilst the increased retention of nutrients results in lower levels of water pollution," de Brito said.

"Quantum Blue breaks down the phytate found in plant-based ingredients, releasing phosphorus that otherwise would not be available. In addition, calcium ions are released, which are usually linked to the phytate molecule - and therefore are unavailable for absorption," de Brito added, outlining the related mode of action of the enzyme.


"In addition, it was demonstrated throughout these recent trials that phytate affects endogenous secretions by the animal, and reduces the digestibility of various nutrients in the intestinal lumen of the animals, which can be attenuated by the addition of phytase."


The research will be presented during a 4pm session on October 25 at LACQUA, which will take place in Colombia on October 23-26. Registration remains open at: https://www.was.org/meetings/default.aspx?code=lacqua18


- AB Vista

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