October 9, 2017


Russia expects record-high 230M-tonne grain harvest this year - Putin



Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday, Oct. 8, that his country expects a record-high grain harvest this year, affirming its status as one of the leading wheat producers in the world.


"Today agriculture, the agro-industrial complex as a whole is one of the most rapidly developing branches of our economy. This year we expect a record-high grain harvest of around 130 million tonnes, and this has been achieved despite unfavorable weather conditions," Putin was quoted as saying in a report by Xinhua.


The Russian President made the forecast in a congratulatory message to agro-industry workers on the Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day.


Putin said that Russia has reaffirmed its status as the world's leading producer and exporter of grain, adding that positive trends were also seen regarding the output of pork and poultry, among others.


Putin also said that Russia would continue to develop organic products and deep processing, as well as strengthen its positions in global markets.


Russia produces wheat, barley and rye, among others. It is the world's top wheat exporter.

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