October 9, 2006


UK opens new pig centre to put research into practice


A new pig development centre was launched at the University of Leeds Friday (Oct 6) linking the best of UK in the field of hog research with pig producers, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) said.


The National Pig Development Centre, funded by the organisation, would create the largest facility for pig research and development in the UK, and bring together the country's top researchers in the field to aid the pig industry.


BPEX would work with the researchers to ensure their work is disseminated to the industry and would liaise with farmers to identify research areas needed.


Research topics identified include analysing the benefits of new sire lines, assessing variations in meat quality without affecting customer demand, ways to reduce the seasonal effects on pigs produced outdoors and improvements on buildings to improve pig health and performance.


Although Britain has excellent research in pig production, it has rarely been implemented in the farming community, Dr Helen Miller, from the University of Leeds and co-director of the Pig Development Centre said, adding that such initiatives help the long-suffering pig industry.


The centre would give the industry a single point of contact with leading groups of academics who hope to see a thriving UK pig industry, said BPEX Director of Pig Industry Development, Mark Wilson.