October 8, 2018

HKScan's pork for China gets attractive packaging design


HKScan's Omega-3 Pork® will soon be sold to Chinese consumers in packages portraying the Nordic Arctic and its famous northern lights, the company announced.

The new premium packages will continue to build Finland's rising reputation in the Chinese market.

"The Chinese people are interested in Finland. The purity of nature and the opportunity to see the northern lights are attracting an unprecedented number of Chinese travellers to Finland," HKScan said.

"According to Visit Finland, China accounted for the biggest increase in the number of overnight stays in Finland last year, by 33%. The rising trend in Finland's image is also reflected by the fact that in January 2018, the Chinese magazine Travelling Scope ranked Finland as the top destination for winter travel."

According to the company, those elements are valued by Chinese consumers. Hence, they will be incorporated into the new packaging of HKScan's pork product, and  will be available on the shelves of local premium supermarkets. They can also be purchased online through new retail grocery chains, where selected products of the Omega-3 Pork® innovation will be found in the upcoming weeks.

"Exports to China have got off to a good start and we are excited about this significant step. HKScan is one of the first Finnish companies to operate in the premium category in the Chinese market," Jukka Nikkinen, head of HKScan exports, said.

HKScan started exporting pork from Forssa, Finland, to China in April 2018. During the first six months, meaty bones and feet, which are highly valued and important raw ingredients in Chinese cuisine, have been included in the container shipments to China.

Nordic Lotus Food Co - HKScan and Zhejiang Qinglian Food's joint venture to sell and market premium products - was officially registered at the end of September 2018.

"Now we can start the customer presentations of the premium products selection and concept. Production will commence in Haiyan, China, in the upcoming weeks. The product selection consists of tasty and tender Omega-3 Pork® products that are high in omega-3 fatty acids," Nikkinen added.

 "We are proud to be bringing to Chinese consumers meat that is delicious, healthy and safe and produced with professional expertise at HKScan's contracted family farms. Our exciting packaging will surely stand out on the shelf. It'll be great to see in practice how we can create significant added value for the world-class work of Finnish producers of pork."

HKScan's aim is to ship around three million kilogrammes of pork to China during the first year and to triple that volume by 2020. Relative to the volume of pork currently produced, this means that at least 5% of all Finnish-reared pigs would end up on Chinese dining tables through HKScan.

- HKScan