October 8, 2007


Chr Hansen's probiotic GalliPro approved in EU


Danish company Chr. Hansen's probiotic growth promoter, GalliPro, is approved and ready for use for commercial broiler producers in Europe.


The company said GalliPro is a probiotic growth promoter with a proven beneficial effect on the intestinal flora in broilers and is a safe and efficient alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.


The EU approval will open doors into the European broiler market and its production of more than 5 billion broilers annually.


Trine Hastrup, director of business development at Chr. Hansen said he is pleased with the development and added that GalliPro has already obtained approvals for the US and South American markets.


The company sees this as the next generation probiotics which can lead to better feed utilisation, faster growth and a lower mortality rates, he said.


GalliPro (a Bacillus subtilis strain) is a heat-tolerant, in-feed probiotic that is believed to have a beneficial effect on the microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract of broilers. Strains are selected from more than 50 micro-organisms based on EU requirements.


The bacteria are spore formers, which means they would survive pelletisation temperatures up to 95 deg C.


Horsholm, Denmark-based Chr Hansen is among the world's top 15 suppliers of food ingredients. It supplies enzymes for cheese production, bacterial cultures for cheese yoghurt, wine and meat products.