October 7, 2020


Tesco UK pledges 300% higher sales for plant based meat alternatives by 2025


Tesco UK has committed to a 300% increase in sales of plant-based meat alternatives by 2025, while also working together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on sustainability measures, ENP Newswire reported.


As part of its new goal, Tesco will introduce and grow plant-based meat alternatives in all its UK stores, make the product more affordable, work with suppliers to bring innovations to its customers and enhance visibility of meat alternatives next to typical meat products.


The company will also publish the sales of plant-based meats in its stores publicly to track its progress to encourage the food industry to make similar pledges.


Last year, Tesco and WWF collaborated on the Sustainable Basket Metric, which aims to half the environmental impact of the average shopping basket. It has so far reached 11% of its target.


The metric reviews how climate change, deforestation, sustainable diets, sustainable agriculture, marine sustainability, food waste, and packaging waste affect the environment.


Other initiatives being worked upon by both parties include sourcing wild fish from sustainable sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Tesco's current supply chains.


-      ENP Newswire