Oct0ber 7, 2013


Russian co-op APK to boost production of Dmitrogorsky feed mill



Russian co-op AgroPromkomplektatsiya (APK) is set to nearly double its feed production at its feed mill at Dmitrogorsky, boosting production from eight tonnes/hour or 160 tonnes/day to up to 15 tonnes/hour (300 tonnes/day).


Director of the APK branch, Sergei Khudyakov, said that the reconstruction of the plant involves the partial replacement of existing equipment to improve performance to up to 15 tonnes of feed/hour or 300 tonnes/day. Currently, the production of the plant is eight tonnes/hour or 160 tonnes/day, representing an expected growth of 80%.


Technex will construct next to the feed mill, an elevator for the receiving, cleaning and drying of grain. The grain elevator will have a production capacity of 50 tonnes/hour (dryer). The Dmitrogorsky feed mill was built in 2008 and silos were also built with a total storage capacity of 20,000 tonnes of grain.

A group of experts from Russian feed machinery manufacturers and engineering company Technex visited APK to acquaint themselves with the Dmitrogorsky feed mill, learn the existing technology, and to train the companies for the feed mill reconstruction. Discussions were held on a range of issues, including those relating to the planning of works, drawings, and conjugation of the new equipment with the current.

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