trinamiX GmbH, a leading provider of mobile spectroscopy and wholly owned subsidiary of BASF SE, now enables customers to receive on-the-spot nutritional insights into aquafeed and feed ingredients.

Combining a robust handheld device with an intuitive app and advanced material analysis, trinamiX offers customers an easy-to-use tool to ensure that farmed aqua species are fed optimally and efficiently. Applications range from efficient quality checks of ingredients and raw materials processed at feed mills and integrators to the precise formulation of diets on the farm.

trinamiX's Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution supports a broad range of sample types and parameters. At the push of a button, the application delivers nutritional information about finished aquafeed as well as a wide selection of feed ingredients – for example, cereals, oilseed, expeller and animal protein meals.

For these types of samples, users receive key nutritional parameters including moisture, crude protein, fat, starch and ash among others.

Users are guided step-by-step through the setup and measurements on the trinamiX app, where nutrient insights are displayed in near realtime. Additional data becomes available in trinamiX's web-based customer portal which can be accessed by a common internet browser. This way, information related to measurements can be centrally accessed, managed, or exported to other programmes. The end-to-end encrypted environment ensures highest data security in the app and in the customer portal.

"By taking the lab to the sample with our mobile solution, customers can now complement their lab analysis with fast spot checks to enhance quality control at production facilities and needs-based feeding on the farm," said Nils Mohmeyer, head of sales (IR Sensing). "The flexibility of a handheld solution makes processes not only more time-efficient, but it also improves result accuracy with the ability to perform multiple checks wherever feed ingredients and raw materials are moved, processed, or fed."

trinamiX works with AB Vista/AUNIR, the leading developer and supplier of NIR calibrations, to offer reliable results based on the widely established INGOTLab database.

Besides choosing from ready-to-use packages, customers can enquire whether their existing calibrations or application ideas are suited to be transferred to trinamiX's Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution.

The aquafeed applications are the latest addition to trinamiX's solution for the agricultural industry which already supports a broad range of terrestrial feed and ingredients.

trinamiX's solution combines robust hardware with intelligent data analysis and a mobile app.

NIR spectroscopy is a proven technology that trinamiX has integrated into a portable format for on-site analysis. In doing so, trinamiX relies on cloud-based data processing, which ensures continuous development of the solution – there is thus no need to replace hardware. This allows trinamiX to continuously develop new applications and react flexibly to the industry's changing demands.  

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