BIOMIN welcomed a ministerial delegation from Vietnam at the BIOMIN Research Center in Tulln, Lower Austria, last month, the company said.
Together with Austrian diplomat Martin Eichtinger, several executives of BIOMIN and DSM Austria welcomed the high-ranking delegation led by Vietnam's Minister of Agriculture and Rural development Minister, Le Minh Hoan, for bilateral business talks.
Eichtinger, who is Minister for International Relations in the government of Lower Austria, said: "The personal contact always creates an even better insight and enables a deepening of bilateral economic and cultural relations."
The delegation toured BIOMIN's laboratory facilities which is staffed by more than 100 scientists and researchers.
BIOMIN's presence in Vietnam stretches back to 1995, and today, the company has two state-of-the-art feeding production sites, and operates an agricultural aquaculture research center as well as a diagnostic laboratory for animal health.
Franz Waxenecker, managing director of BIOMIN, said: "Being a global animal nutrition business headquartered in Austria, BIOMIN has, for decades, had a large global presence to serve agricultural customers throughout the world. We value our relationships with governments and agricultural organisations, and are honored to welcome Minister Hoan and the entire delegation."
BIOMIN, which was acquired by Royal DSM in 2020, employs more than 1,000 people globally, including several hundred staff in Austria and about 80 people in Vietnam.
Eva Maria Binder, managing director and chief research officer of DSM Austria, said: "Utilising science to help our customers address some of the biggest topics in livestock farming has been a clear focus of ours since the beginning. Now that BIOMIN is a part of DSM, our R&D activities in Tulln, Ho Chi Minh City and elsewhere are connected to an even larger scientific network of research and academic institutions that will bring new innovations to animal nutrition and health and further improve agriculture."
Gerd Schatzmayr, research and development director at the BIOMIN Research Center, said: "Our strong in-house research and development and our cooperation with leading scientific institutions and organisations across the world allow us to focus on developing innovative solutions for our customers in the poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture sectors.
"The cutting-edge technologies that we create serve to make fish, meat, eggs and milk safer, more affordable to consumers, beneficial to farmers and more respectful of the environment."
Ngo-Tien Dung, managing director of Biomin Vietnam and general manager for DSM Animal Nutrition and Health Vietnam, said: "Science is a key part of our value proposition for customers. By combining the leading position of DSM in vitamins and animal nutrition with that of BIOMIN as the leader in mycotoxin risk management, we are uniquely placed to help agriculture successfully tackle important topics such as reducing the need for antibiotics in farming, improving food safety and respecting the environment."

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