October 6, 2008


Experts expound use of amino acids at Ajinomoto and Sumitomo symposium

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd jointly organized a satellite symposium at the 13th AAAP Animal Science Congress in Hanoi, Vietnam, on September 24, 2008.


The theme of the satellite symposium is ''Future and practical use of amino acids for animal production''. Five speakers including three animal nutrition scientists working locally in Asia and two representatives of each company, Ajinomoto and Sumitomo Chemical, carried out speeches regarding the use of amino acids in animal production.


More than 80 people relating to animal nutrition attended to the symposium. Overall nutritional values and practical use of major essential amino acids in livestock production were covered through the symposium. The speakers and attendees shared discussion on the uses of feed amino acids in Asia.


Followings are a list and summaries of the speeches.


Content of speeches and speakers:


Dr. Matsuda from Sumitomo Chemical presented the effect of methionine supplementation in methionine -deficient poultry diets under heat stress condition. By linking heat stress condition with tropical climate in the Southeast Asia and global warming, he emphasized that the use of methionine in poultry feed is effective to keep sufficient performance of poultry production as a result of improved feed intake and growth.


Dr. Chaiyapoom from Kasetsart University presented a summary of use of synthetic amino acids in broiler diets. While mentioning the importance to improve amino acids balance in diet, he discussed the necessity of supplementation of synthetic amino acids in feed to achieve to optimal amino acids requirements of poultry. He also mentioned that supplementations of amino acids in relation to lysine content improve amino acids balance.


Dr. Liu from Animal Technology Institute described how amino acids supplementation to diet, which fed by-product feeds such as DDGS and wheat bran, improves performance of swine production. His research told that amino an acids supplemented diet with significant amount of by-products (wheat bran or DDGS) improves production performance of swine, while by-products are low in net-energy, amino acids digestibility, and feed efficacy.


Dr. Watanabe from Ajinomto explained about Tryptophan as one of essential amino acids in animal production. He presented the nutritional value of Tryptophan in relation to the ideal protein concept as well as its characteristics. He concluded that Tryptophan contributes to improvement in feed intake and growth and partly prevents the consequences of poor sanitary on growth rate.


Dr. Ngoan from Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry presented recent studies on amino acids use in livestock production conducted in Vietnam. According to him, pork is taking an important role in Vietnam, accounting 81 percent   of total meat production. Poultry production had been affected by several bird flu outbreaks and dulling its growth while production of cattle meet is growing dramatically by 17 percent from 2006 to 2007. He presented the studies on digestibility of essential amino acids for locally produced feed materials such as cassava, rice bran, fishmeal, shrimp by-products in pigs as well as the effects of supplementation of amino acids in animal production.


Speakers at symposium hosted by Ajinomoto and Sumitomo.