October 6, 2003



US Trade Commission Imposes Tariffs on Some Canadian Wheat Exports


The United States imposed a 14 percent tariff on some Canadian wheat imports on Friday 3rd Oct in response to complaints from North Dakota wheat growers.


The U.S. International Trade Commission imposed the tariffs on hard red spring wheat - a type used to make breads. However, the commission rejected tariffs on Canadian exports of durum wheat, commonly used to make pasta.


The rulings were prompted by a complaint from the North Dakota Wheat Commission and other U.S. farmers that said Canada was dumping wheat into the U.S. market - selling it for less than it costs to grow. This was unfair competition, U.S. farmers argued.


Their case was sent to the commission to determine whether Canada would face penalties for the Commerce Department's ruling that Canadian wheat growers were flooding the U.S. market.
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