October 5, 2017


Cermaq welcomes new innovation manager for R&D team



Cermaq has appointed Bendik Fyhn Terjesen as innovation manager of its R&D team.

He will focus on technologies for advanced controlling of farming including closed systems on shore and in the ocean.

Terjesen has broad experience in research most recently heading CtrlAQUA, a Center for research-based Innovation.

"The industry has developed tremendously towards more controlled farming systems including closed containment systems. Cermaq has a strong engagement in advancing the industry and I look forward to work closer to industry and with direct implementation of projects in Cermaq's operations in Chile, Canada and Norway," Terjesen said.

Cermaq has a wide-ranging R&D activity for fish health with a dedicated research team in Bergen, Norway.

In 2016, Cermaq strengthened its capacity in research and innovation related to technology.

- Cermaq

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