October 5, 2004



Thailand To Import Breeding Shrimp From Hawaiian Company


Thailand, the largest shrimp producer in the world, has approved exports of shrimp broodstock by Kona Bay Marine Resources Inc., a Hawaii-based marine biotechnology company.


Until about three years ago, Thailand produced only black tiger shrimp. The move to importing white, or domesticated, shrimp is the result of increasing disease in wild tiger shrimp. Thailand forecasts that 80 percent to 90 percent of its production will be white shrimp in 2004.


Thailand has granted only three licenses in the world. To meet the demand, Kona Bay Marine has increased its capacity by 50 percent and plans to double that next year.


"This is validation that Hawaii now has the first global agricultural brand since Kona coffee," said CEO Brian Goldstein. "It validates our strategy to become the leading shrimp broodstock exporter in the world."


The Hawaiian company has been exporting to China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the US since 2003.

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