October 4, 2021

EU pork exports to China on the decline


The European Union's pork exports to China are decreasing month by month, with the cumulative total as of July already below 2020 levels, Pig333 reported, citing data from DG Agri.

April was the first month in which the volume of EU exports of pork and offal were lower than in the same month of the previous year. This pattern has been repeated in subsequent months and with an increasing spread.

While the decrease year-on-year was 7.74% in April, this difference was already 37.04% in July, according to DG Agri's Pigmeat Trade Data.

These significant decreases in June and July have meant that for the first time, total exports between January and July (1.862 billion t carcass weight) were below exports for the same period in 2020 (1.864 billion t carcass weight).

-  Pig333 / DG Agri

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