October 4, 2007


McDonald's in The Netherlands to stop sourcing pork from castrated pigs


McDonald's in the Netherlands has announced that it would stop selling meat from castrated pigs.


Pork used in EggMcMuffin and Big Tasty Bacon would be from animal friendly farms, said spokesman Dirk van den Boogaart from McDonald's Netherlands.


The fast food restaurant chain is switching to a UK supplier from the end of October, he added. The UK does not supply meat from castrated pigs.


Although the decision was made for McDonald's in the Netherlands only, McDonald's Europe is considering the move as well, he added.


Dutch animal welfare activists have welcomed the move.


Farmers castrate pigs to remove the boar smell, which is present in fresh meat. Castrated boars are also easier to handle and put on more fat. Pigs are castrated in the first weeks of life.

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