October 4, 2007


Russia to allow limited meat, dairy imports from Poland



Russia will allow entry meat and dairy products from Poland on a limited basis beginning November 1, the country's animal and health watchdog said on Wednesday (October 3).


The products should only come from plants certified by Russian veterinarians, according to Sergei Dankvert, head of Rosselkhoznadzor.


Meat and dairy products include sausages and yogurts.


Dankvert said Russia was also considering a ban on plant products of Polish origin being imported into Russia through third countries. Russia has banned imports of Polish raw meat and plant products since November 2005.


Warsaw, in a supposed retaliation, blocked the start of talks between Moscow and Brussels on a new strategic partnership agreement covering areas such as energy, human rights and trade.


As no meat and dairy produce plants have been certified by Russian inspectors, the latest move is likely to lead to an extension of restrictions on produce imports from Poland.


Dankvert said the Polish authorities were not allowing Russian veterinarians to inspect and certify food processing plants on Polish territory.


Philip Tod, spokesman for the European Commission said Russian inspectors had the right to inspect plants supplying meat and dairy products to Russia.


He said the situation with the Russian fresh meat and plant products ban remained unchanged.