October 3, 2022


Argentina plans to double fishery exports from aquaculture



Carlos Liberman, Argentina's Undersecretary of Fisheries said the country plans to double fishery exports from aquaculture, Fish Information & Services reported.


Officials have long promised that aquaculture will advance Argentine fishing, but this promise has never materialised. Although two businesses invested in this sector in the past year, the growth process is still in its infancy and does not yet project the economic and social impact that the Undersecretary of Fisheries had predicted.


Liberman said aquaculture offers a complement to the production of consumable aquatic proteins as well as a significant opportunity to increase foreign exchange, create jobs, and produce high-quality food. Over 150,000 direct and indirect jobs could be created for the entire project in a few years. 


The figure is high and represents a phenomenal increase in job creation for the aquaculture sector of at least 149,700 jobs in a few years, as well as a doubling of fishery exports.


3,700 tonnes were produced in the aquaculture sector in 2021, which is comparable to the previous ten years' average. The export volume increased in 2013 and 2014 and reached 4,000 tonnes, but it then fell until 2020 when it reached 2,000 tonnes. This decline is the result of a persistent decline in production, which fell from 2,000 tonnes annually to 900 tonnes before recovering in 2021 to reach 1,200 tonnes.


Although production is declining in the other species, such as carp and tilapia, the volumes handled are very small and never exceeded 200 tonnes.


For the volumes handled by Argentina, a sizable increase in production of mussels is noted. The highest production volume over the previous ten years was 68 tonnes last year. This might be as a result of the Newsan Company investing in a modest project that has been steadily increasing the number of longlines. In the upcoming years, the company expects to reach 700 tonnes in production.


Newsan has also made an impact in this area by teaming up with Salmon Trout to support the growth of a rainbow trout project in the Limay Basin (provinces of Neuquén and Ro Negro). This project will require a 22 million dollar investment and aim to produce 13,000 tonnes of trout over the course of five years while gradually creating 250 new jobs.


In the province of Neuquen, Truchas Alicura and Pesquera San Isidro are promoting a project that aims to produce 1,500 tonnes of pansai trout over the next few years. The fisheries' trout projects are currently the largest investments in the aquaculture industry, but growth projections are significantly lower than those provided by the Undersecretary.


Argentina's Aquaculture Directorate's estimates for 2022 show no change from 2021, and the projections for 2025 are for 25,000 tonnes, so the authorities view it as the sector with the greatest potential.


-      Fish Information & Services

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