October 3, 2003



Good Forecast For US' Soybean, Wheat, Corn Exports


US' total export sales were positive worldwide, with soybean trade exceeding expectations. Corn sales ended on top of the lot while wheat sales also fared very well.


Soybean sales showed almost 26 million bushels at present and an additional 2.2 million bushels for 04/05. Mexico, China, Japan and Indonesia were the main buyers. Wheat sales totalled 28 m bushels, with increases for Egypt, Jordan, unknown, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan and Algeria.


Exceeding previous forecasts nonetheless, corn sales at 36.1 million bushels slid down a third from the previous week. Significant increases were registered for Japan, Egypt, Taiwan, Mexico, Jordan and Colombia.


At 32,800 tons for the 2002/03 marketing year, soymeal sales were also quite strong, with 219,500 tons for the new crop year that began October 1.
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