October 2, 2009

AB Vista launches Econase XT in European market
Press Release

AB Vista, a leading international supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for the animal feed industry, has announced the European approval of Econase XT.


Econase XT is the first and only intrinsically thermostable xylanase product available and is already available in the xylanase markets in Mexico, Brazil, the US and India.


This new enzyme has three key qualities:
    -  Intrinsic thermostability: The first xylanase on the market with the ability to survive high pelleting temperatures without the use of
       a coating. Three independent tests carried out at Kolding Biotechnology Institute, Denmark, show that there is no loss of activity after
       steam conditioning up to 95°c for 30 seconds followed by pelleting


    -  Assayability: The level of enzyme activity in the feed can be reliably and accurately measured


    -  Efficacy: Numerous independent trial results show the positive influence on animal performance


Independent trials have already demonstrated the value of Econase XT in both poultry and swine, and in feeds based on corn or wheat, leading to a better daily gain and improved feed conversion.


Richard Cooper, CEO of AB Vista, said the product has the potential to revolutionise the reliability and consistency of xylanase use in animal feeds.


The effectiveness of the enzyme in improving animal digestion means that it is able to provide animals with more nutrition via less feed, and therefore save money, said Cooper.

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