October 2, 2003


Bangladesh Sets Standard For Shrimp Export


The government has decided to maintain the exact standard of exportable shrimp. It is mandatory for exporters to test shrimp at the Chloramphenicol Laboratory before export.


Exporters will also have to collect their standard control certificates from the Department of Fisheries Standard Control (DFSC), with a declaration that the shrimp is free from antibiotics.


These steps were taken to boost the export of frozen shrimp. Shrimp farmers will also have to collect similar certificates before releasing shrimp from their farms. Shrimp testing kits can be imported duty-free for farmers or other businessmen.


Bangladesh's exports totalled US $321.81 million in the last 2002-03 fiscal year, and $370 million for the current fiscal year. Problems in maintaining the standards of the shrimp during the last couple of years has been cited as a factor hampering the overall growth of the sector.