October 2, 2003



Australian Poultry, Egg Sector Gets A$23m For Research


Australia's poultry and egg industry has received A$23m (US$15.7m) in research funding with the opening of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Australian Poultry at the University of New England, NSW.


"These industries have grown dramatically over the last 30 years and are vital to Australia's rural economy, employing about 200,000 people either directly or through dependent businesses," Science Minister Peter McGauran was quoted as saying.


Poultry production systems have come under increasing scrutiny from the public as concerns about animal health, welfare and food safety standards rise. It is only natural that the expansion in these industries be accompanied by a corresponding rise in technological know-how to maintain levels of food security and limit environmental damages.


"This CRC is ideally placed to rise to these challenges by developing alternative products to reduce the reliance on antibiotics, developing best practice housing and husbandry practices, and increasing the responsiveness of the industry to meet changing customer requirements," said McGauran.
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