October 1, 2020


Argentina's exports of beef to China returns to pre-pandemic levels


Argentina's ABC meat export consortium said the country is set to export about 870,000 tonnes of beef to China in 2020, similar to export numbers in 2019 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Reuters reported.


Argentina government data showed 75% of the country's beef exports were shipped to China in 2019, making China the main destination for the Argentina's well-known red meat.


The ABC meat export consortium said exports were unaffected by COVID-19. The consortium represents Argentine meatpacking companies that produce for foreign markets.


Mario Ravettino, head of the ABC meat export consortium said their goal was to match last years' exports, and they estimate to hit that number.


On the subject of COVID-19, Ravettino said he does not believe South America's high infection rates will affect trade between Argentina and China, adding that Argentinian meat exporters have followed all health protocol guarantees that China requested.


Seven meat plants in Argentina had voluntarily stopped exports to China following COVID-19 outbreaks among their workers. 


Argentina has 735,000 positive COVID-19 cases with 16,500 deaths related to the virus.


On September 28, China told importers in the country not to import frozen food from countries affected by severe COVID-19 outbreaks after several cases of imported frozen food products were found to have traces of COVID-19 coronavirus.


-      Reuters