October 1, 2019

Adisseo publishes India farm trial results of a functional feed against White faeces syndrome




White faeces syndrome (WFS) is the cause of significant crop failures in India. The improvement of hygiene and biosecurity measures are helping reduce the severity of outbreaks, however, growth continues to be stunted and rarely recovers to typical rates. A successful approach to reinforce the preventive and corrective strategy against WFS is the use of functional feeds containing phytobiotic-based gut health promotors.

In an article recently published in Fishing Chimes (vol 39, No 5), the efficacy of Sanacore® against WFS outbreak was evaluated in a farm located in Odisha (India), a region with frequent outbreaks of WFS. The farm trial aimed to validate the combined preventive/corrective supplementation strategy of Sanacore against WFS outbreak.

The preventive dose ranged from 4 to 5kg/ton feed in three out of four meals per day and was continuously applied in feed, while the corrective dose was of 4 kg/ton of feed in two out of four meals per day and only applied when WFS outbreak was detected.

Results showed that the combined preventive/corrective supplementation strategy delayed outbreak in 10 days and prevented the growth depression observed in control pond. Overall, survival and final biomass were improved by 31% and 49%, respectively.